Do you have a minimum order?
Yes, our minimum order is:

4 lbs. (1/2 gallon) per flavor - Liquid - Standard Flavors

25 lbs. per flavor - Liquid - Specialty Flavors

10 lbs. per flavor - TeaFlakes

In addition to the above quantity minimums per flavor, the dollar minimum for all orders is $200.00

We are unable to accept any orders below the minimums above.

How long will it take for my order to be shipped? When will my order arrive?
Our production lead time is 10  to 14 working / business days from the time we receive your order till the product ships. The speed of shipment depends on the method used.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover.
Do you offer 30 / 45 day terms?
Yes, terms are available after credit approval.
How are your products shipped?
We typically ship via UPS. Larger quantities will be shipped via a freight/trucking company [we will shop for the best price]. 

If you would like us to use your UPS or Fed Ex account for billing we can accommodate.

How much will shipping cost?
Shipping depends on the weight ordered and the location being shipped to.  All of our flavors are shipped from our production facility in New Jersey.  Shipping costs are determined when the order is packaged [boxed with packing materials] for shipping and weighed.  We will be unable to advise of exact shipping charges until the order is packed up and ready to go.
Are your products syrups for a cup of coffee?

Are these drops for a cup of coffee?

Can I use your flavors at home?

The flavorings we produce for our customers are industrial strength and do not contain sweeteners. Drops or syrups, to be added to a cup of already brewed coffee, contain sweeteners such as cane sugar and are made from industrial strength flavors. Our flavors are not for home use. They are meant to be used by coffee roasteries, tea blenders and beverage manufacturers.
Can I have a printed list of all your prices? Do you have a price list? I don't see prices here.
We do not print or publish a price list. Please contact us for pricing [513-858-2603].
What size containers do you offer?
We ship in:

4 lb.(1/2 gallon) - Plastic Container / Jug

8 lb. (1 gallon) - Plastic Container / Jug

25 lb. - Steel Can [with pour spout]

40 lb. - Steel Can [with pour spout]

15 [120lb.] Gallon Drum

30 [220 lb.] Gallon Drum

55 [440lb.] Gallon Drum

Are your products Kosher?
Our products are kosher certified by the National Kashruth, Inc.
Are your flavors gluten free?
Yes, all of our flavors are gluten free.
Do any of your flavors contain Diacetyl?
None of our flavors contain Diacetyl.
How do I order?
Orders are accepted by telephone or fax:
Tel: 513.858.2603
Fax: 513.858.2606
Toll Free Fax: 1.877.878.7218
What is the difference between "natural flavors" and "natural & artificial flavors [N&A]"?
"Natural flavors" contain ingredients which are defined as "natural" by the Code of Federal Regulations of the United States Food & Drug Administration. They are comprised of natural aroma chemicals, essential oils, solid extracts, fluid extracts, essences, distillates, juices, etc.

"Natural & Artificial flavors" contain natural ingredients but also synthetic man made chemicals which often yet occur in nature but are less expensive when made artificially through chemical reactions. They are structurally the same as the natural ingredients and are metabolized the same way.

Do you have organic certified flavors?
We have a complete line of natural organic compliant flavors available for certification.
I did not see the flavor on your list I am looking for. Do you have more flavors available then what is listed here on your web site? Can you duplicate/customize flavors?
Our web site lists our most popular flavors. Please contact us if your interested in flavor that you do not see here. Custom formulations and or duplications are available with minimum quantity orders. Please contact us for more information.
Can you send me a flavor catalog?
Our web site lists our most popular and most sold flavors, if you do not see something here you are looking for, please contact us.
How do I sample your flavors?
We send out 1 oz. samples of any of the flavors you would like to try.  You may request samples of our flavors via our sample request page by clicking here.
How many samples may I request?
Up to four [4] 1 oz. samples may be requested.
How long will it take to receive my samples?
Samples will be sent within 10 working days.
If I want more samples, may I purchase them?
Samples will not be sold. Please see our order minimums above. If you have a special request for more than four [4] or larger than 1 oz.  samples, please call us [513-858-2603].
How do I use/apply your flavors?
Please see our flavoring guide by clicking here.
Can your flavors be used in e-cigarettes?
No, our flavors are not designed to be used with electronic cigarettes. 
I need flavors for an application other then coffee / tea. Do you have flavors for other applications?
Please contact us via phone [513-858-2603]

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